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Need help with your book? 

It's already there, just waiting to be discovered.

I'll give you more than just a list of your strengths and your challenges. I'll reveal that what you aspire to is already there, in your own work. This in-depth analysis is the secret ingredient in my editorial services.

Substantive & developmental editing and coaching

Whether you are a seasoned author or in the first stages of your first book, I'm here to help by:
• Guiding you through the process. 
• Providing honest, respectful, and constructive feedback.
• Coaching you to go beyond what you thought was possible.


My range of services includes: 
• Comprehensive critiques for substance, structure, and style. 

• On-the-page editing (also called line-editing) to help you get your work submission-ready.

• Providing highly detailed feedback that serves as a blueprint for your next draft.

• Built-in coaching in every written critique.
• Query letters, synopses, book proposals, author bios, jacket copy. 
• Helping you develop the concept, structure, content, and style of your book. 

• Encouraging, supporting, and coaching you through the process.

• Consulting on the adaptation of your work to the screen.
And much more.