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Need help with your book? 

It's already there, just waiting to be discovered. 

As your editor, I'll give you more than just a list of your strengths and your challenges. I'll reveal that what you aspire to is already there, in your own work, and I'll show you how to build and multiply your talents. This in-depth analysis is the secret ingredient in my work.


Here's something else I provide: Enthusiasm and encouragement. In that spirit, here's a tip, no matter which editor you choose, or even if you don't choose one at all: 


Tell the naysayers--within and without--to take a hike.


When I was working on my first novel, I heard way too many people declare that first-time novelists have a better chance at winning the lottery than getting published. I could have listened to them and given up. Instead I decided to ignore that noise and landed a sizeable two-book deal.


Along the way, I have been blessed with a great deal of support, the greatest of whom is a brilliant teacher, a gifted storyteller, and a steadfast friend who kindly reads draft after draft of my novels, imparting her wisdom and advice and galvanizing me with her tireless belief in my abilities. 


That is why I am passionate about helping other writers realize their dreams. That is why I understand how important it is to have an editor who is insightful, respectful, and skilled at providing feedback. An editor who believes in the work, and in the author. 


I look forward to talking to you about your work, your passions, and your dreams. 

Developmental editing, coaching, & copywriting


I work with authors of fiction and nonfiction.


Whether you are a seasoned author or in the first stages of your first book, I'm here to help by:
• Guiding you through the process. 
• Providing honest, respectful, and constructive feedback.

• Providing in-depth editing for substance, structure and style.
• Coaching you to go beyond what you thought was possible.


My range of services includes: 
• In-depth manuscript analysis that addresses all elements of substance, structure, and style. 

• Line editing your work to get it into optimum shape.

• Highly detailed critique notes that serve as a blueprint for your next draft.

• Built-in coaching in every written critique. Encouragement every step of the way.

• Helping you develop and perfect the concept, structure, content, and style of your book. 
• Query letters, synopses, book proposals, author bios, jacket copy. 

• Web content, blog posts, social media posts, and newsletters. 

• Consulting on the adaptation of your work to the screen.
And much more.